17 January 2008

What's My Line?

Clearly above the line

1. Blyleven - other than the .534 win%, a first ballot HOFer by every other statistical measure

2. Raines -more valuable than any of the OF candidates and the 2nd best leadoff hitter ever

Solid selections

3. Trammell - as good as half the shortstops in Cooperstown

4. Gossage - forget Lee Smith. Goose was better than Trevor Hoffman


Very worthy candidates, perhaps just below the line

5. Parker - 3.19 MVP shares, most among OF candidates: Cobra's 1978 season better than Rice

6. John - 288 wins/4710 IP/110 ERA+; compare with Jack Morris: 254W/3824 IP/105 ERA+

7. Murphy - considerably higher peak than Dawson, but not as durable

8. Dawson - more defensive value than Murph, Cobra, Rock; consistent but overrated hitter

9. Morris - 68 wins over .500 is a ton, but 105 ERA+ is Jamie Moyer, Mickey Lolich territory

Poor selections

10.Mattingly - marvelous first baseman, but pretty much done by the time he was thirty

11. Rice - "Feared" Boston icon got pitched to - and booed - throughout his career at Fenway.

12. Lee Smith - fine, durable closer, but probably no better than John Franco or Kent Tekulve

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