09 January 2008

Selling The Old Fashioned Way

The dozen Cactus League clubs just announced their respective guidelines for purchasing spring training (ST) tickets. Ten intrepid teams, wielding experimental, late 20th century technology, provide for so called "internet" sales. Only the Texas Rangers and Diamondbacks dont offer tickets online.

Maybe the ticketing software on dbacks.com is simply, as the techies say, "down"? Or is this a conscious repudiation of modernity, heralding homey Western nostalgia previously associated with the distant, increasingly charmless Cactus League? Here's hopin' the Dbacks swap my ol' weathervane fer a shady bullpen pair agin' them Colorado. Or this here right nice saddle for a mess a them thar box seats down Old Pueblo way. Nothing screams western hospitality like old time Arizona - at least until both Afro-American fans are pelted with rotting winter grapefruit at the turnstiles, courtesy of local registered voters.

The good news is that, today, valley Dback fans, white and theoretically black, may purchase ST tickets in person, at the TEP box office conveniently located north of Nogales. Or those with an inkwell, blotter and the appropriate stamps, may instead write a letter to The Arizona Diamondbacks Baseball Club, and presumably receive some kind of reply.
Finally, tech savvy fans with spare time between cattle drives may hunt down tickets via electronic telephone.
"Thank you for continuing to hold. Your call is fairly important to us."

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