07 April 2008

Opening Night in Fat City

Heady times for Diamondback fans, giddy over the sweep at Coors, and tied for first with the Dodgers who invade Chase two hours from now in the sold out night opener. Planning to post some pix, provided glare from Derrick's $14M scoreboard doesnt wash out my entire visual spectrum.

Near 50 grand are expected to roar at the new board (please, Derrick insists), and also during the unveiling of last year's divisional banner. Speaking of unveiling, the club just inked my favorite (well, before I stopped caring) power speed dude, Chris Short Young, through 2013. And for only $28M dollars - the equivalent of two additional scoreboards, for those counting at home.

Full report on Fatburger and the length of Joe Torre's nose in person. I'm so excited!

See ya after the game!


Jeff said...

I feel like I'm sleeping with another woman by abandoning the MLBlog Diamondhacks for the Blogspot Diamondhacks. In any case, it sure is fun! Can't wait for the report.

I've been watching on MLBTV so I can here Gracey call it. You've got me interested in what's happening in the desert, Matt. Nice job.


Jeff said...

Did I just write "here" when I meant "hear" again? I'm so third-grade late at night.

Tracy said...

Oh, boy, I can't wait to hear about this. :-)