11 April 2008

Warning: Logo May Trigger Nostalgia... & Epileptic Seizures

Shine on, you purple, copper and turquoise Diamond (back) !!!

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Michael Norton said...

Been doing the Floyd thing, I see. I think they call them flashbacks.

I always thought the original color scheme and logo of the Diamondbacks was perhaps the best in all of baseball.

Not so anymore. But you knew that, of course.

Shine on you crazy diamond...

Matt said...

I think they call them flashbacks.

lol. I actually saw Floyd in Phoenix, some time after their heydey. 88 or 89. I didnt know a whole lot of their music other than listening to the radio, but they were really good. It was Phoenix Muni, where the A's train.

Goin' to the game in a few minutes, early, to catch the pregame tributes in glorious purple and turquoise! I guess they scheduled it v the Rockies so us impossible old timers wouldn't fashion an 11th hour purple crusade.

PAUL said...

I may have spoken too soon about not complaining so much about the changes. I'm still unable to get a counter onto my blog to see exactly how many people are logging on. It's bad enough I was getting good traffic when they made the change, but is this a conscious effort to keep us from knowing how much the new crap has affected us? Not sure where to go from here. It's hard to tell how much my being right about a LOT of crap already (Rich Harden's annual DL trip; the aging Paul Byrd---get it?---getting pummeled) in my book is encouraging people to at least do some browsing on the bookseller websites. Instead of watching the games for the past few hours, I've been searching for a sitemeter that will go happily onto my site and still haven't found one.

Michael Norton said...


I have a long and storied history with Pink Floyd, most of which I don't remember ;-)

I had an opportunity to see them in the mid-nineties, but was in one of my grownup phases then and didn't accompany the twenty somethings from the office who were going. I figured they were just a bunch of old farts by then.

Those kids came back with a look on their faces like they had seen God. I knew I had missed something.

I feel your pain . . . NOT! Damn it is nice to be away from all of that 8)

Michael Norton - Some Clubhouse

Michael Norton said...

By the way, if you haven't already you ought to check out Chicks Dig the Long Ball in her new blogspot site. Really looks sharp!

Matt said...

Damn it is nice to be away from all of that

Ditto. Mark hasnt responded to my request to speak with his "lead tech" yet. Must be another marathon in town ;-)

Yeah, Tracy's blog looks great . I already want to steal about three things :-)

PAUL said...

I've been sitting here for hours trying to find a way to get that site meter on my site and it won't work. I need the friggin' site meter!!!!