12 April 2008

This Week's Hacks

  • As if Arizona wasnt generating enough firepower, romantics should consider attending a Friday game, after which the club shoots fireworks, weather permitting. First, the show divides the throng exiting the park into two mini throngs, easing overall congestion. Second, it's an excellent show, with rousing music and lights dimmed low. Highly recommended.

  • If the NL West is baseball's best division - Mark Grace called it that again today - why does it boast only one team over .500?

  • Drafted Derrick Hall a proposal to perk up attendance, involving Big Gulps, a sarcastic schoolmarm and something called Bleacher Screechers. Look for it at a half empty stadium near you.

  • While our Dbacks ran roughshod over the NL this week, The Kid - my kid - was cloistered down the street from The Kid's old haunts, on Boylston. Represented his school in an international geography bee. Came in third, confirming what I've said all along - he knows where it's at.

  • Welcome! To Tracy of Chicks Dig The Long Ball and Russell of Arizona Via Slough to the delightfully creative camp of former MLBloggers posting freely elsewhere; a community burgeoning since MLBlogs' self-mutilation at the hands of a "Marathon Man". If this vacationer asks "Is it safe?" out here, please be sure to tell him "Yes".

  • In related entertainment news, not one "amateur" Dback blog has been linked to the Dbacks homepage since the lauded "upgrade", although Red Sox Hen has been prominently linked to dbacks.com all weekend. This stuff writes itself, folks. I'm just along for the ride.


Russell said...

I've always wondered, why do they call it a "bee"?

Michael Norton said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michael Norton said...

Surely you jest. Red Sox Hen? You mean cut and pasting images from MLB.com and calling it a post will get you featured on ANOTHER team's official page?

I'm telling ya, all you gotta do is do is pump Mark and Jake and all kinds of doors just open up.

Michael Norton
Some Clubhouse

Jeff said...

I'm curious about the "deleted" comment. Must've been a real romp. Probably that Phailer from before, eh? Also, I hope there isn't any bad-blood between blogspotters and mlbloggers. I'd hate to be kicked out of yet another community all together (deported from China in 2003 due to an aggressive case of OCD... and that whole marching in the streets for revolution thing). Anyway, segregation sucks. Just wanted everyone to be clear on that. As for Big Gulps... people wonder why we're a rotund nation? Seriously? Who needs that much softdrink?

Tracy said...

Congratulations to your kid, Matt. That's really impressive.

Matt said...

why do they call it a "bee"?


Surely you jest. Red Sox Hen? I'm serious! She's just been bumped by touch em all, 3 "pro" blogs and "Boogie Down Bronx", which has boogied to blogspot. Hee hee.

I'm curious about the "deleted" comment.Must've been a real romp. Probably that Phailer from before, eh?

No, no. I've never deleted anyone's comment, unless it's something clerical, like a duplicate. Not my style at all. Moderators delete others' comments for one reason, fear, and that's not an issue here. Boredom maybe, but not fear :-)

Michael (aka "author") deleted his own comment - I didnt see it and dont know why.

deported from China in 2003 due to an aggressive case of OCD

Wow. Sounds like a great post topic

Thanks. Phoenix Kid's favorite New England discoveries were people "doing things, like walking" in the rain, candlepin bowling and the lobster roll at Quincy Market :-)

Russell said...

"Spinning bees were popular in colonial America as a way to demonstrate opposition to purchasing heavily taxed British goods."

So essentially it's an anti-British thing. After all we did for you...

PAUL said...

That "Pro Blog" crap is getting on my nerves too. I think someone who writes something and has others purchase it is technically a professional. Am I wrong?

Matt said...

At Mlblogs, "pro" bloggers are simply corporate employees masquerading as independent thinkers, willing to embrace fundamental conflict of interest to allegedly "report" on their employer.

It doesnt make them bad people,really. It just doesnt make them independent- the first criterion for credible reporting.