29 May 2008


It's official. The Diamondbacks have played the weakest strength of schedule (S.O.S.) in all of major league baseball. Imagine their record if they played MLB average competition, something they havent been tasked with since the Colangelo era.

It's hilarious how Daron and Mark are already talking up the daunting June schedule, the one with 15 of 27 games against teams with losing records. I guess daunting to them means you dont get to play anyone from the worst division in baseball.


Tracy said...

What? That can't be right! But we've played half our games against the NL West - the toughest division in baseball.

(Yes, I also watch Fox News and believed that Saddam had WMD.)

Matt said...

In an effort to be fair and balanced, I've actually revisited my figures, and it turns out the Dbacks are above criticism and doing "everything they possibly can."

Jeff said...

Didn't look so hot against those mighty Nationals last night. Yikes!

John said...

I think you're all overlooking the biggest thing of note on that table - the Rays have faced the most difficult schedule so far... Wow.

Actually, thinking about it, I would have guessed that the teams with the most difficult schedule would have been those who have had to play against us! ;)

Matt said...

All the AL East teams have currently played a plus SOS, and the Rays (and Sox) are a big part of that. Even Baltimore (with a losing record) has earned an above average RPI because of it.

The Rays' surge has helped transform the AL East into a division worthy of its past acclaim.