05 May 2008

Win 2001 Series DVD (Collector's Edition Set) !!

Baseball. Bloggers. Everywhere.

Wanna win a seven DVD boxed set of, like, the greatest fall classic ever? I thought so. A set we charge $69 for that is coveted by eleven or twelve people without jobs? Ok, then. Welcome to how this works.

Since we're all proprietors, it only takes three E-Z steps to make the magic happen:

  • First, email me a recent picture of yourself (jpg or bitmp, full length preferred, please no "renderings").

  • Second, after your photo's "approved" by The Pros here at DAM (Diamondhacks Advanced Media), look for the confirmation email with travel and other instructions.

  • Third, fix yourself up nice, glide by my cube here in lower Manhattan, and go down on my All-Star crank.

That's it! One, two, three strokes. You're in!!

Did I mention it's FREE?

Welcome to My World! Only here on Blogspot!

I know it sounds a little crazy, but it's crazier not to go along with the craziness, right?

Almost forgot. Seems to be a little misunderstanding around here. This site is for absolutely EVERYONE. Not just The Pros. EVERYONE coming out of the woodwork who cant live without baseball 24/7 with bells on. But this special benefit is only open to the ladies. The rest of you bloggers should be tagging. Tagging along to get ahead. You'll want to tag like hell.

So, you wanna **** a baseball writer?



Michael Norton said...

You know you're going to get a photo of Red Sox Chick, don't you? Red Sox Hen, too. They are Advanced Media groupies, too hot to trot and too stupid for parody. After Mark and Jake they're probably eager for a real man.

This post made my day. I was wondering where you were going with it.

Matt said...

This post made my day

Good! You were my guiding light on this one. I just hope I havent disgusted my other reader in the process.

(Real giveaway in the hopper)

Jeff said...

As your other reader, no, no disgust here. My only critique is that you only mentioned that it was free once. See, by only mentioning it once, I didn't quite get it.


Like "japes" before it, "All-Star crank" will now have to become a household term.

Didn't you hear, Matt? Mark DeRosa is back on MLBlogs? Sure his last post was on Oct. 6, 2007, but today, May 4, 2008, Mark came back to post something! Awesome! Now if I could just get Harold Reynolds to update his and convince Alyssa to take her clothes off on hers!

Russell said...

I think you'll find that the use of an Official Diamondbacks logo on a non MLB affiliated blog is illegal.I took no pleasure in reporting you to the relevant authorities.

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