05 December 2008

Strategy Pays Off

According to MLBlog's up to the minute traffic reports, hard charging Diamondhacks ranks thirtyfifth, out of hundreds and hundreds (conceivably thousands) of MLB-hosted fan blogs!

We're particularly proud of this showing, considering we abandoned MLBlogs in April, failing to take note of the most recent baseball season there. ( As some may recall, that online network boldly expanded its corporate vision last Opening Day, by removing all user fees, service and conceivable value.)

So, to be in the thick of an also ran's "standings", by not paying or writing anything, was ingeneous strategy. Diamondhacks earned our envious position by shrewdly withholding investment, and any effort whatsoever.

In related news, the Arizona Diamondbacks placed second in the National League West.


Song of the Day - Be My Baby (The Ronettes)

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