14 February 2009

Access Denied

Results just in from the latest Diamondhacks poll, asking:

As a Diamondbacks fan, what would you rather have access to:

Dollar hot dogs and soda 40%
Star players 40%
Recently won WS trophy 20%
Club marketing czar 0%

Derrick Hall, the club's marketing czar, is often touted as among the most "accessible" executives in the majors, but our exclusive poll confirms no one particularly cares. At least not compared to other types of "access" these Diamondbacks routinely deny.

There certainly arent any dollar hot dogs or soda, like the Padres provided at every home game for the entire month of July.

No complimentary family photos next to the coveted World Series trophy, as delivered by Jerry Colangelo to season ticket holders.

And get a load of the fan favorites, jettisoned just this winter, by the self-described "non profit" franchise: Orlando Hudson, Randy Johnson and Adam Dunn. Neither of the remaining favorites, Brandon Webb and Eric Byrnes, appeared at the club's February FanFest, billed as fans' best (and perhaps, last) hope to bond with their larger than life heroes.

Song of the Day - I Still Havent Found What I'm Looking For (U2)


PAUL said...

My blog on MLBlogs still gets 50-100 hits a day, but our friend over there eliminated me from the rankings. I've been erased.

Jeff said...

I seem to remember you wielding a baseball bat, standing over Derrick with a menacing grin.

Perhaps your easy access to "the Man" -- someone who should be put on a pedestal and worshiped by a unified Lovely Morgan -- deters people from caring.

Matt said...


I agree. Once the youthful Hall ages into an irascable recluse, this franchise will really take off.


Way to stay on topic :-)

50-100 hits per day! Whoa! Doesnt that entitle you to "ProBlogger" status and an 8x10 glossy of Mark's post marathon glow?