09 April 2009

I Want You To Want Us

Opening Day is full of little vignettes, and one in the Owner's Box deserves comment before fading from memory. It was there that Luis Gonzalez, in a pale blue golf shirt, sat between Derrick Hall and Ken Kendrick, and was later interviewed by FSN's slightly less indulgent sideline reporter, Mark McClune.

Gonzo said he was there to see about taking on an organizational role, something akin to what Matt Williams was doing, but his words didnt tell the story. His body did. When McClune lobbed ingratiating blather about how happy fans were to see him, Luis would have none of it. He indicated this was the first time he's been at the ballpark since he was let go, and that the owners and him needed to "tie up loose ends". Tellingly, he was not smiling when he said this. In fact, I dont recall him smiling at any time before, during or after the interview, which might be an on camera record for this guy. He sat rigidly between Hall and Kendrick, and all three looked rather uncomfortable to this observer.

It's not known who called the meeting, but I'm guessing the King of Krisis Kommunication, Hall. The Diamondbacks need Gonzo more than he needs them - and let's face it, Hall calls meetings with just about anyone. Besides, Gonzalez looked more like a colonoscopy patient than eager job applicant enthusiastically schmoozing an employer - a natural role if so inclined.

Dressing up Luis Gonzalez in a Sedona Red jersey is something I imagine this front office desperately wants, to help restore a once respectable fan base, since systematically fractured.

Song of the Day - I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)

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