07 April 2009

Not A Day Too Soon

Oh, this is a baseball site. Almost forgot. Better get quinton mcCRACKIN' as they say.

Seven on field observations:

1. Tracy may not be the best (OPS) hitter, but is the lynchpin of this particular offense (ie rakes RHP, good OBP, avoids DPs). I was very encouraged by his passes today

2. Buckner’s stuff crackled. Should miss a bunch of bats (when he’s not missing Snyder entirely)

3. More R/L balance, less redundancy in lineup v 2008. At least for one day

4. Add Webby to list of stars complaining about ST length, who immediately look rusty and unprepared as soon as games count

5. Eric Byrnes continues to not look like a major league hitter. It’s not results. It’s the underlying process, the mechanics, the swings that any little leaguer can see doom him. If he’s making adjustments, they’re not significant or visible to a layman. I thought (and hoped) he would at least look different. He doesnt.

6. The days of COL’s vaunted defense appear over. OF, in particular, looked slow, foul pops dropping, etc.

7. Cant remember Snyder ever throwing so poorly. Even the CS were bad.

Under, I'm Either Really Smart or Lucky:

I drafted Felipe Lopez on my fantasy team. ( hee hee)

Finished 5th (out of 195) in my NCAA pool. Not too shabby

Song of the Day - Day Too Soon (Sia Furler)

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