02 September 2009

Master of his Campaign

Shadow Mountain High graduate, Curt Schilling, has expressed "some interest" in Ted Kennedy's vacated Senate seat. To his immense credit (everything about Curt is immense), the glib, opportunistic pitcher and online wargame wiz conceded "many, many things would have to align themselves" to make a run for the legislative body.

Not "many" things. Many, many things.

Um, yeah.


PAUL said...

Before he moves forward, someone better tell him that repeating the Fox News bullet points ain't gonna cut it----especially in the socialized medicine/gay marrying/Kennedy loving state known as Massachusetts. He'll make Sarah Palin look like Thomas Jefferson. And she's a blithering idiot.

Diamondhacks said...

Paul, these warnings apply only to mortals. The Schilling character is a "gamer" in EVER-y sense of the word - and this is his QUEST

Incidentally, some vicious comments under the article on the recently interred Kennedy. Why, to hear Schill's base, you'd think ol' Ted was a philandering, murdering drunk.

Caroline said...

That digitized apple/person's resemblance to Schilling is more than completely disturbing...
Considering Schilling has had premeire health care for most (if not all)of his life, I do not want him anywhere within a hundred-mile radius of my insurance policy.

PAUL said...

Matt, the positive that can be taken out of it is that he'd be the gift that keeps on givin' for people like us. And you thought Fred Thompson was repeating Reagan-speak in yet another acting role? Schilling BELIEVES it!!!! He'll put the "blither" in blithering.

Caroline, not to worry; if Schilling had his way, you'd never be able to afford health care unless you have a 96 mph fastball and/or are lefty.

Diamondhacks said...

That digitized...resemblance to Schilling is more than completely disturbing

lol. it's creepin' me out too. He looks like the lead in a gay Wisconsin production of "M Butterfly"

oh, he's also expressed "some interest" in your insurance policy.