03 October 2009

This Week's Hacks

Though most of Wrigley's weekend allotment of oxygen was consumed and expelled by motormouth as of Friday afternoon, at least seething Snake fans could flip to WGN's Len Kasper and Bob Brenly for welcome fresh air. They talk. They shut up. You can hear game sounds, the fans! They talk some more. Then shut up again. It's like two intelligent people, thinking in real time before they impose on listeners.

Between pauses, Brenly offered how Hinch's hire upended Arizona's clubhouse. Bob all but nominated Chip Hale post facto; the main point being Hale nurtured our core on a daily basis in Tucson. Brenly also ripped into Cubs' first inning preparedness, charging Pinella's team hasnt looked ready to play all week, and volunteered several players are already cleaning out their lockers.

Daron or Grace will rattle on for innings to do Derrick Hall's bidding, whereas Brenly makes incisive, equal opportunity critiques in thirty seconds or less. He and Kasper respect that the game always trumps personal ego or an owner's agenda.

Dbackers didnt see much of bats this year, but we plan to see plenty of bats tonight.

ASU football lost to Oregon State's Beavers, in Tempe, for the first time since 1969. USA Today ranks Peoria's undefeated Centennial High, sixth nationally. That might be a decent matchup.

The barely solvent NHL Coyotes solved the Kings just fine at Staples Center, ruining LA's home opener 6-3. Spirited forechecking and a sense of urgency are evident under the new coach. What a great story if the 'Yotes rose from near extinction to inspire the Valley. Even if Todd Walsh has to tell it:
"Godspeed, Coyotes. Godspeed."

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