05 April 2010

Another Win, Another Irresponsible Deception

Missed the opener, as I was in flight, but the dastardly 'haters' at Yahoo kept me informed, calling into question the fatuous claim of a sellout. Diamondhacks has been documenting similar nonsense for years, but now that national outlets are on board, I guess it might even be true!

Derrick Hall spent the past forty eight hours on local media claiming a sellout. At this point, his fact fudging is old news, at least to this page. The story is how local 'journalists' and outlets let him do it with virtual impugnity.


Russell said...

This was actually also mentioned in Dan Bickley's piece (which I'm assuming was in the actual newspaper) so word now seems to be officially out!

Diamondhacks said...

Cool! I see he led with it too, tabbing it a 'faux sellout'. Good for him.