13 May 2010

Stat Snapshots

The Diamondbacks lead the NL in homers (44), doubles (73) and strikeouts (321). The team is on pace for 1485 strikeouts. No team in history has struck out 1400 times in a season.

Hitters are league bottom in HBP (6) and sacrifices (6). Cecil Fielder has more HBP (7) and Ryan Dempster more sacrifices (8) than the Diamondbacks roster.

Pitchers have yielded the most hits, runs, earned runs and homers in the National League. The National League includes the Pittsburg Pirates. Bullpen ERA (7.37) is MLB worst, by a run and a half. In the past decade, one AL team (and no NL team) has ended a season with a bullpen ERA above six.

Individually, Ed Jackson leads the league in hits (60), earned runs (38) and homers (8) allowed. Mark Reynolds and Kelly Johnson are tied for second in homers (10). Justin Upton and Reynolds place first and third in strikeouts. Upton is second in outs made (113) and third in GIDP (7).

Defensively, the club ranks 13th in efficiency (.671) and 15th in defensive runners advanced (SB+WP+PB) .

Reported attendance is down 6% from last year, and down 20% from 2004, when the previous owner's team lost 111 games. In addition, an unusual number of observers, including The Arizona Republic and Yahoo Sports, have suggested that official attendance at Chase Field is being irregularly inflated.

In the most important statistic, to baseball fans anyway, we're half game behind the aforementioned Pirates - and half a game ahead of the Astros!


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