15 June 2010

Fat American Know It Alls

The Diamondbacks dont stand a ghost of a chance! Not this season and certainly not in Fenway Park!

Fat American know-it-alls favor such deterministic dreck. You hear them everywhere. In each of the largest cities in the land. Gorging on ostentatious pork chops as they predict everyone else's future. Believe me, I monitor such humiliations.

But perhaps one fat American know-it-all can justify talk of ghosts. Bill James tallies "Ghost RBIs", roughly defined as when a batter advances a runner who later scores as a result of that advancement. In other words, when a batter doesnt get credit for the official RBI, but is partially responsible for bringing the runner home. That's a ghost RBI.

Related to productive outs, but not quite the same thing. Regardless, here's the National League rankings of so called "Ghost RBI's", by team:

Florida 78

Atlanta 71

LAD 70

Houston 68

Wash DC 68

Chicago 67

Milw 67

Colorado 64

--League Median 63.5--

Cincy 63

NY Mets 63

--League Mean 61.3--

San Fran 61

San Diego 55

St Louis 54

Philly 52

Pittsburgh 45

Arizona 35

As even a typical American sports enthusiast can probably now discern, Arizona hitters do little to assist their batting brethren. They also rank MLB last in productive outs.

Take a tip from Jamaal. Cooperation and sacrifice are critical to acheiving everything from mundane to earthshattering, heavenly goals. We're not trying to re-establish a caliphate here. For the love of Allah, just move the man over once in a while!


Russell said...

"Ghost RBI" is the first baseball stat that I actually like.

It sounds kinda cool.

jamaal said...

Indeed! We maintain inconsequential grievance toward Canadians, regardless of girth or education.

Speak freely!

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