31 July 2010

Fans Sold Down The River


CEO Derrick Hall's 'championship-style' team just whooshed outta river city faster than Tempe Town Lake... and it smells just as bad. I'm outta town myself and havent had a chance to read up on all the transactions, but just skimming quickly I believe we still have Enright and Fatburger.

What's the goal here? What competitive standard is this FO to be measured by in 2011, if they insist on lowering the bar again and again? Is it to legitimately contend next year or simply "be better than" this year's 100 loss monstrosity? If the latter, count me out. In an era of well managed worst to first turnarounds, spurred by revenue sharing and NL mediocrity, "improving" on a 100 loss season isnt a serious goal worth getting behind.

Look, I get the intrinsic logic of swapping current value for futures when your current season is hopelessly lost, but excepting the fluky blip of 2007, this team has stunk going on seven years straight - due in no small part to the sustained incompetence of the same charlatans now asking us to be patient.

First they blamed Colangelo, then Backman, then Shawn Green and greedy Gonzo, then Seitzer and other hitting coaches, then luck, then injuries, then Melvin. Then AJ needed a full year under his belt to be fairly evaluated, he got that, and then they blamed him. They blamed the fans for not "understanding" the challenges of putting together a winner in this market; the one in which the Suns, Mercury, Cardinals, Rattlers and even Coyotes have recently crafted winners.

As recently as last year, Hall suggested the organization was doing everything right off the field - it just needed to turn things around on it. Yet we've since learned of massive front office disconnects, behind the curtain as it were. Earlier this summer, Hall opined we had a "championship-style" team. Last week he insisted we werent "rebuilding" and wouldnt trade both Haren and Jackson.

Maybe it's time to finally expose the "man behind the curtain", lest there be more carnage.

How can remaining fans endorse this never ending circle of disingenuous deflection, designed to enable the fortune of Ken Kendrick more than the foreseeable competitive fortunes of a ballclub?


Russell said...

I would comment but I think that you will find that you have been traded to Kansas, and are now blogging about the Royals.

Diamondhacks said...

I'm looking forward to writing about an organization dedicated to winning 43% of the time.