06 July 2010

Thanks for Voting; New Poll Unveiled

Results of our just closed poll, asking, "What Dbacks fixture should be removed first?"

AJ Hinch 44%

Derrick Hall (aka the Execu-sieve who let Hall & Oates slip thru his fingers) 38%

"Uptown" 27%

Daron Sutton 22%

Mel Stottlemyre Jr 16%

Once again, Diamondhacks readers presage franchise initiatives, as AJ was dismissed shortly after our poll opened. Further, unless Derrick lines up an act with more soul than The Wiggles, our readers may be suggesting he could be next!

The new poll (at right) kinda flips the previous question around. With all the recent upheaval, who do you think comes across as "the big winner" in the public eye?

Bob Melvin

Jeff Moorad

AJ Hinch

Jerry Colangelo

Bryan Price

1 comment:

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