22 August 2010

Hampton Comes Alive

(I'm In You - MHampton 2011)
The upside, I suppose, of raising Mike Hampton from the dead is that, unlike comps Johnny Podres and Darryl Kile, Hampton is reportedly still alive.

Better yet, Jerry DiPoto conjures his ex teammate as a reliever, so no worries about hard hittin' Mike anchoring the 2011 rotation - anchoring, as in "pulling it down to the bottom of the Mariana Trench".

This sounds more like a motivational gig for the 148 game winner and two time All Star. DiPoto hopes Hampton's vibes rub off on our unmusical pen this September, and that he chimes in whenever appropriate. Show Me The Way, as it were.

It's a program sure to be panned, but even if Mike isnt pitch perfect in The Show, perhaps he can conduct a stirring inspirational pitch ( a la Tony Robbins, albeit one with less teeth). DiPoto has targeted a young bullpen's blues and made a concerted effort to amp up its intensity with an old maestro who knows the score.

Do You Feel Like We Do?

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