27 August 2010


Derrick Hall's getting hammered again, but in a monumental and potentially world changing turn of events, not by Diamondhacks. After dividing Dback fans with price walls, uniform walls and loyalty walls, our business school CEO has graduated to a less destructive field: knocking down outfield walls at The Lovely Morgan. Kids at azcentral.com, however, are up in arms:

Our 2001 champs didnt need a bigger field!

We need a new bullpen, not new dimensions!

Bob Loblaw.

Thanks to raw distance data at hittracker.com, I was able to derive some distinctions about the 169 home runs hit at Chase through August 26th.

HRs Hit By Diamondbacks: 79
HRs Hit By Opponents:90

Dback HRs of 400 ft or more: 47
Opponent HRs 400 ft or more: 44

Dback HRs 390 feet or less: 15
Opponent 390 feet or less : 30

Dback HRs 380 feet or less: 8
Opponent 380 feet or less: 15

I'd like more data before renting wrecking balls, but preliminary implications are pretty clear. The Dbacks dont hit as many wallscrapers as their pitchers yield and making a case we might net benefit from slightly larger field dimensions sounds reasonable. Presumably the club's resident Zhang or Ng has scoured over historical data, under the supervision of someone like Cullen Maxey, but in case they havent, the Diamondbacks should feel free to use our findings.

In Young and Upton, we also have fast outfielders who can presumably cover "extra" territory defensively. This is just a guess, but even with Brandon Allen in left, the projected marginal ad of a larger field probably favors the Dbacks over most visiting outfield troikas.

It's an idea worth exploring. Not as a substitute for upgrading the roster with $30-40M of suddenly available payroll. But to augment those anticipated improvements, with an eye towards competing in 2011. Breaking down walls is a good start.


Russell said...

Typically you defend the FO! I'm ambivalent about it and would prefer a better team to a bigger field, but if we got both I wouldn't be storming the stadium with a pitchfork.

The Bob Loblaw link made me think that a 'Wee Britain" theme might be a popular replacement for the "Legends Race". Maybe a "Poppins" to hit the opposing pitcher everytime the D-Backs score a Home Run?

Diamondhacks said...

Sure, I'd prefer a better team to a bigger field too. I guess I dont understand why so many fans think it's an either/or proposition.

btw, what is a "poppins"? I envision a mischeivous sprite weilding an umbrella.

Russell said...

Yes, that's exactly what it is.

Diamondhacks said...

Here's Bob Loblaw in French , for anyone interested.