27 October 2010

Dbacks Load Up On Talent

Arizona added four former All Stars to the coaching staff this month, brazenly altering the balance of power in next spring's annual student-faculty tilt.

Diamondback coaches havent prevailed over their charges since 2001, when Bob Welch outdueled pupil Randy Johnson, 1-0, aided by a sixth inning solo blast from hitting coach Dwayne Murphy.

"This is bull$&@#!", complained slated starter, Joe Saunders.

A week ago, Saunders prepared to face a faculty lineup diluted with Jack Howell, Bo Porter and Joel Youngblood. Today, the Kirk Gibson/Matt Williams-led order also features base stealer Eric Young, Hall of Fame-worthy Alan Trammell, and 1979 AL MVP, Don Baylor.

"Great. Who's our new outfield instructor?" asked Saunders. "Tony Gwynn?"

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