20 March 2011

Irascible Blogger Finally Employs Voodoo

I was doing a happy little jig in my kitchen about three months ago - right about the time we signed Xavier Nady - when my lower back seized up something fierce. A paralyzing spasm unlike any I'd ever felt.  A couple days ago, Dback closer JJ Putz wrenched his back in similar fashion.

On March 5th, I broke my arm in two places, just above the left hand.  First break ever.  A week later, Zach Duke broke two bones in his left hand.

This Friday, I climbed up Squaw Peak, with my broken wing and balky spine.  I've hiked this hill hundreds of times without incident, but on the way down, near the bottom, I sprained my left foot.

Watch where you step, Diamondbacks.

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