05 May 2011

Dbacks Get Down With Whitest Lip Synch Ever

To be fair, there are slightly more people of color in this carefully choreographed Dbacks' come on than you'd find in respected American institutions, like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir or First Continental Congress.

But if this reflects organizational makeup, or worse, the way they choose to present themselves to a pluralistic twenty-first century American city, it's little wonder the Diamondbacks dont attract a healthy melting pot of fans, or that Justin Upton and Chris Young look so uncomfortable much of the time.

The FO's constantly chirping about capturing young people. Who? The Young and the Restless from Paradise Valley?  From the looks of this glittery caucasian homage, it appears they've already captured all forty of them.


Anonymous said...

Diamondbacks owner Ken Kendrick is busy putting together a winner in Arizona, but his hard word goes beyond the diamond. On Saturday, Kendrick received the Medal of Honor from the National Ethnic Coalition.

Diamondhacks said...

I'd thank you for your comment, if it was yours, but it's cleary someone else's copy that you failed to attribute. So, you have an integrity problem, amplified by a completely anonymous cloak. It's so useless, really, that most bloggers would delete it out of hand.

However, I am not most bloggers, and recognize the desperation behind your feeble stealth has value. You have no idea how familiar I am with this boilerplate style, and looking it up confirmed my suspicion. This is a corporate MLB advertisement disguised as an "article" about one of its affiliate owners. I linked it because I want people to read how saccharine it is - all but one of the quotes are Kendrick talking about himself in front of some complicit intern.

I assume you lobbed this in here as some kind of compelling factual counterpoint to KK's squeamishly white video. MLB's advert doesnt counter that at all - the lipbub's still white as a vanilla sundae, w/ a couple prominent dingleberries on top. All your advert proves is how Kendrick likes to falsely promote himself under the auspices of his own corporation.

But wait. It gets better. The only non-Ken quote is hazy praise from the head of NECO, something called the Natl Ethnic Coalition, the group 'honoring' Kendrick with this award of theirs. Here's their laughably vague award criteria, and resulting list of 'distinguished' diversity champions. There's Donald Trump and George Bush. Richard Nixon and his felonious friend, George Steinbrenner III. You know the standards are high for this multicultural medal when Rupert Murdoch and Strom Thurmond each have one.

Basically, NECO is a non-profit front for millionaires and billionaires to mingle with political power brokers on both sides of the aisle, with a few athletes and artists tossed in for fun. Colangelo, Reinsdorf and Selig are members. So are Henry Kissinger and John McCain, whose warmongering have contributed to a wider diversity of unnecesary deaths here and abroad than maybe any other Americans in the last half century. There's Cardinals who've covered up massive sexual predation and William Rehnquist, who may've done less for ethnic diversity in this country than any Supreme Court Chief Justice since Roger Taney. NECO was founded by a mobster, okay? NECO is a fucking joke, and as such, a perfect vehicle for Kendrick. They both have tons of money, donate some of it with great fanfare, to cloud their primary intentions. Most of these guys are morally and ethically compromised, many outright corrupt, self-interested power brokers.