25 September 2011

Hall Mulls Elective Surgery, Dbacks Clinch

Dbacks CEO and Chief Information Operator, Derrick Hall, declared in a declared press conference that he has declarative early stage (I or II) prostate cancer and is "thinking about" a November surgery to remove the malignancy.

The five year survival rate for most prostate cancers (including Stage III and many Stage IV diagnoses where cancer has spread to nearby tissue) is nearly 100%. The ten year survival rate, which includes these later stage, regional malignancies, and reflects higher historical mortality due to subsequent medical advances, is 91%. Most diagnosed prostate cancers, however, are Stage I or II and Hall's is presumed to be such. If so, his mortality prognosis is essentially the same as a 46 year old male with no cancer at all.

In other news, his players won the NL West. 

Ryan Roberts, above

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