12 June 2013

Dbacks' Ace In The Hole

As if the 5.49 ERA wasn't enough, Dbacks' ace-in-the-hole Ian Kennedy has discovered
other ways to compromise his teammates' well-being.  

He hittin' folk in dehead!!!

 More to the point:

He hittin' folk in dehead, tah-wyse!!!

Now, Ian and Miggy claim Ian wasnt trying to hurt anyone, which may be true. To which the Dodgers respond, after much deliberation:

He hittin' folk in dehead!!!

That's really the problem, isnt it?  Intentional or not, at some point a professional pitcher has to take responsibility for fastballs that hit people in dehead.  Even if Zach Greinke is a bit of a doofus, for retaliating against what was probably an unintentional HBP, Greinke didnt hit anyone above the letters.

That's a different animal, as the Diamondbacks should know.  They hit the Cardinals' Matt Carpenter below the neck three times in a recent game. While St Louis was red as a bird, their roster didnt storm the field. 

But the Dodgers have every right to be upset.  This isnt acceptable in the modern game. Kennedy unleashed the most powerful drive his opponents have. Not to win a game, but self-preservation.  Livelihoods and all that. For both teams ultimately.  The notion that IPK is a decent guy is, at best, a secondary consideration at this point.

He hittin' folk in dehead!!!!
Ian may not be a headhunter, but he's a head finder. There are consequences for pitching that far up and in. Twice. Beyond the suspensions. There's a blue collar price to pay for grazing the Dodgers' hottest hitter in the nose, then bouncing another fastball off the starting pitcher's earflap. As a Diamondbacks fan, who's relished watching Pat Corbin and Paul Goldschmidt propel my team into first, I'm  concerned the price for our Ace-In-The-Hole's thumping hits isnt yet paid in full.

Paid In Full - Eric B & Rakim

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