25 April 2008

This Week's Hacks

Even the Taliban would have to concede Erin Andrews has her public merits (thanks Jeff!), but this orange sweater straining against her glorious separation probably doesnt help the cause of woman sports reporters much.

Justin Upton is the National League's youngest player for the second consecutive year - and is still a year and a half younger than any other current NL player. He has an outside shot at becoming the second man ever to be his league's youngest for three consecutive seasons. The first was teenager, and eventual Hall of Famer, Mel Ott, from 1926 to 1928.

This isnt as funny as it initially sounds, but this is.

Diamondback stock may be a bit overvalued, with the 16-6 record, but there are, as they say, good fundamentals. Like last year, no NL team hits more sacrifice flies, but now that comes on top of slugging rather than in place of it. Also, second fewest GIDP (AZ 8, league average is 16) and fewest IP by relievers (AZ also led this category in 07). Fourth in SB%, even with an ailing Byrnes; team ranked 2nd last year.

In MLBlog news, Mark sounds desperate trying to get a single Dbacks blogger to review the 2001 World Series DVD set. It's funny for three reasons. One, the giveaway retails for $60 and not one Dback fan at MLBlogs wants to review (and keep!) it for free - not even with that coveted MLB.com byline! Two, it's funny because Arizona is the hottest team in baseball and there are no more Dback MLBloggers left! Three, it's funny because Foundry Communications(who distributes the commemorative DVDs) just found me on blogspot and sent me a pair, gratis, to review as I see fit, without any of Mark's explicit constraints. Oh, and the fourth funny thing is they'll probably get a better written, more persuasive review out of it than Mark ever will.

Finally, the kid just returned from his senior class trip to Catalina Island, which always reminds me of this lesser known Wrigley Field. More photos here.

Have a great weekend, everybody!


Jeff said...

Beautiful picture!

Awesome news on the DVDs, Matt. Good for you! I bought the Cardinals 2006 set and it's fantastic!

More exclamation marks you say!? Sure!!! I got lots of 'em!!!

No more Dback bloggers on MLBlogs? Wow. That's a statement, though I don't understand because: "It's Free!!!"

Russell said...

I very nearly provided a link to the penis stealing story but I feel that my blog has a slightly higher tone than that!

The D-Backs are overvalued but only because the rest of the West has been unbelievably bad so far.Some people still seem to be assuming that the division is a good one because that was the received wisdom at the start of the year.

As for MLBlogs, Mark also seems to be struggling to find a Dodger fan to review their DVD (and don't get me started on his use of "ironic").
It's coming up to May and there's still no movement on issues such as listing blogs by teams, comment problems etc etc.

ByrnesBlogger1 said...

Since MLB since has my blog posted, I posted my review of the DVDs on MLBlogs in case anyone wanders by.I am trying to chase traffic over the AZSportshub.

Hmm. I thought they cost $69 not $60. I probably misread and better check that.

If you have to be beautiful to be a woman sports reports, I want to see men who look more like Conor Jackson than Todd Walsh behind the mic.

PAUL said...

I watched that video a couple of times and I think they're making something out of nothing with Erin Andrews. I didn't see any eye-rolling or disgust. (And believe me, I know eye-rolling and disgust when I see it.) If Joba did say something untoward to her, so what? I'm quite sure she's heard it all from these male athletes she's had to deal with. It made me think of when Eric Chavez hit on Jennie Finch and it was treated like it was the most egregious thing in the world. Finch was walking around with those little bippy shorts and acting very flirtatiously, what did she think would happen? And if he did hit on her, so what? Maybe Joba learned more from Roger Clemens last year than was let on...

Michael Norton said...

Arizona used to have a bevy of premier Diamondback bloggers. I guess it only makes sense that they were the ones who were smart enough to get out while the getting was good.

Michael Norton
Some Clubhouse

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