17 December 2008

MLB Live to Air Game That Was Dramatic Back In July

Just when many feared Christmas might not come this year, MLB Live has magnanimously agreed to air a taped baseball game at 1PM today, that was extremely dramatic when it was played on July 3rd.

At the time, no one thought the Diamondbacks would rally with six runs in the ninth to win in miraculous fashion, or that the rally would be a critical steppingstone on the way to a heartpounding 82-80 second place finish.

Today's LIVE! event, five months after the game, will be aired on MLB's popular compact screen platform, featuring unlimited buffering and resolution by French impressionists - and is expected to draw well against other seasonal LIVE events, like working, Christmas shopping, taking one's children to the doctor, writing Christmas cards, paying bills, holiday parties, managing relatives, and getting a goddam Christmas tree.


Song of the Day - Feels Like The First Time (Foreigner)


Jeff said...

Wow! That WAS dramatic! I missed the replay, but I went back and read the boxscores and wow was I on the edge of my seat!!! Without that win, they'd be 81-81... WOW!

Matt said...

MLB initially ran the entire snoozefest from the top of the first, then thought better of it and cued it from the last of the ninth.

Now, THAT's entertainment!

Hey, I saw your egregious comment on MLB's (gasp!) home page. Let that be a lesson to you, young man: questionable comments on Mark's articles will be 'addressed' - unless you erroneously suggest that MLB Cable is FREE, in which case that's perfectly ok.

Oh, almost forgot. Here's an emoticon, to show that while I'm watching your subversive bent like a hawk, I'm still an extraordinarily magnanimous guy :-)

Happy blogging, #1!!!

Jeff said...

Ha! I hope I didn't mislead you with my comment on Mark's article, Matt. He sure was quick to point out my faux pas, wasn't he! I, personally, thought that joke was pretty funny considering how many times I've thrown and broken objects in my own home as a result of my impatience for the MLB.TV "BUFFERING"-factor.

No matter what, it's good to know I got you, Mr. Magnanimous, on my side.