16 December 2008

YESSS!!!! Dbacks Nab Bundy!!!!

In a feverishly chronicled bidding war that could "make or break the franchise", the Arizona Diamondbacks aggressively wooed and landed Tucsonan gamechanger Lorenzo Bundy - to coach some, heal festering rifts with previous ownership and Pima County, and bring home a championship.

Bundy's authoritative presence in the Dbacks' first base coaching box is expected to rattle opposing pitchers, reinvigorate the running game, and instill critical life skills across the young roster. Perhaps no one in baseball so alertly counsels baserunners that they're "Ok, you're OK..little more...ok...ok...GITTT BACK!!!!" or seamlessly stows shin and elbow guards like the storied 2004 Diamondback bench coach.

Just when remaining fans were losing faith with the club's litany of All Star subtractions and less than transformative acquisitions, the Diamondbacks changed the entire winter's conversation.

"We got our fans back!", said CEO Jeff Moorad.

In related news, Moorad indicated phenom Max Scherzer, who had been publicly slated as the rotation's #3 or 4 (essentially interchangeable with Doug Davis), is actually the team's #5 - and that our #4 would be a "player to be named."

These remarks from today's online chat, along with the organization's fairly obvious availability of funds, and the fact no one currently in house could reasonably be expected to hopscotch over Scherzer, all lend credence to the idea Josh Byrnes will acquire a starter shortly.

My friends, now let's go out and win this thing.


Song of the Day - Get Ready (The Temptations, Lead: Eddie Kendricks)


Jeff said...

The fact that his name is shared by an infamous shoe salesman and an infamous nurse-rapist/killer automatically makes him a formidable addition in the box.

Matt said...

Jeff, thx for adding some much needed context to this transformative event.

You're my "go to" guy, perspective-wise.

Jeff said...

Consider me "gone to" ;-)

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