19 December 2008

This Week's Hacks

For anyone wondering what MLB's doing with that $6 billion dollars of theirs, here's part of the answer - a $50 million TV mega studio, across the Hudson in relatively low rent Secaucus, where Harold Reynolds can shag right on the set! This unpleasant excess is surpassed only by Mark Newman's dutiful orgasm gushing over the pay cable facility. That, and the fact it's named 'in honor' of Jackie Robinson. Barf.

Raffy Furcal dodged the Braves to become a Dodger, and became something of a coward in Atlanta - home of the Braves. My head hurts.

Our Dbacks quietly released four scrubs - Robby Hammock, Chris Burke, Jeff Salazar and Will Ledezma - saving about $2 million towards 2009's incredible, shrinking payroll. Hammock was best known for catching Randy Johnson's 2004 perfecto and for sobbing after making the MLB roster out of camp last spring. Salazar made 2007's most memorable defensive play, soaring over Chase's right field fence to rob a homer. Chris Burke, acquired in the Jose Valverde dump, will be remembered as an unbelievably unproductive fill-in. I do not recall Will Ledezma.

Congratulations to Chandler Hamilton, Arizona's best high school football team, on winning their fourth 5A title in six years.To runner up Brophy, the best conditioned team in the state, which fought from a 1-3 September, and a 17-0 deficit in the championship to within a first down of stealing their third title in four years, we respectfully say: Hoka Hey.

On their way to the title tilt, Brophy also met Gilbert Highland, a school reeling from the sudden loss of band member Kelly Tracy. In the days prior to the game, Brophy students raised several thousand dollars to help defray funeral expenses. At the game, both teams entered the stadium somberly, hand in hand, eschewing the usual sprint through posterboard. In the third quarter, Brophy's small band met Highland's larger one, near an end zone and, in a show of solidarity, perfomed Highland's fight song together.

Two unsusual sights in the park near my house. After walking my dog hundreds of times past hundreds of jackrabbits, we saw our first fox; Gray Fox by name, more of a rust by actual color. Also, a homelsss man, in the undeveloped eastern ell of the park. He has a chair and quite a few belongings, and looks to be hunkered down for a while.

Getting a Christmas tree today. It will be a small one.


Song of the Day - Hoka Hey


Jeff said...

I do not recall Will Ledezma.

Nor do I.

How many errors did he commit during the '06 WS? I know that each member of the Tiger staff had at least four... right?

Matt said...

The slick fielding Venezuelan was one of the few errorless Tiger hurlers in the Series.

I missed him last year, and will continue to do so.