30 January 2009

This Week's Hacks

The Steelers are clearly the better team, but also bear higher expectations - made weightier by the two week layoff and unmatched scrutiny of the event.


I can understand appealing to a mainstream audience, but since when is the Super Bowl obligated to headline halftime acts that peaked thirty to forty years ago? McCartney. Bob Seger. Who's lined up for 2010, Captain & Tennile? You can predict Bruce Springsteen's Super Bowl halftime playlist here.

Some decent Bruce tunes you wont hear tomorrow:

Candy's Room - lest anyone confuse the old fart with Neil Diamond
Drive All Night - so bad it's good, maybe his most romantic song of all
Fire -his sexiest song (according to most sexologists)
The Fever - covered by Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes, with live guest
Incident on 57th Street -meandering, soulful narrative
Sandy - more cowbell? Hell no! More accordion!

Our other local red meat corraled John Garland, who we've managed to ascertain is nicer than Randy Johnson and more durable than this fragile cousin, albeit with a weaker repertoire.

Feel free to access Diamondhacks' new poll, asking "What would you rather have access to" --

A World Series Trophy
Dollar Hot Dogs
Superstar Player
Marketing Czar

Speaking of information control, the shoe sculpture honoring the Iraqi journalist who flung his Thom McAns at Bush has been hastily dismantled, on government order. Nice metaphor for the so-called Bush democracy project. We're fighting for your freedom - except when our proxy government is suppressing it.


Song of the Day - Thunder Road (Bruce Springsteen)

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