25 January 2009

Aces and Owners of Diamonds

As Phoenician's football blood pressure spurts into Cardiac arrest, it turns out the Dbacks may boast the biggest "card-iac" around. General partner Earl "Ken" Kendrick.

Back in 2007, in a transaction that somehow eluded Diamondhacks' phalanx of electron microphones and numerous large antennae, our own Earl of Penury surreptitiously purchased the most expensive baseball card in the world! That's right, for basically the same blow ($2.8M) he played chicken with hometown flesh and blood icon, Randy Johnson, Ken-du snagged the actual player of his dreams - a 1909 T206 Honus Wagner cardboard cutout.

Who can blame him, really? The legendary Wagner boasts superior range to any Dback infielder, a front office sore point given The Flying Dutchman's been encased in PSA plastic for much of the century. In addition, club brass has hinted at building a baseball museum for a couple years now, inside The Lovely Morgan, beyond her hazel green batter's eye. This Wagner T206, baseball's most valued shard of memorablia, celebrating its centennial no less, would instantly be the museum's centerpiece. Even I'd like to stand in the same room and gawk at the hobby's allegedly clear cut Mona Lisa.

On the other hand, such cardboard ostentation might not "play well" - much like the remnants of Kendrick's second division roster. A fabulously wealthy owner, perceived (rightly or wrongly) as a personnel penny pincher, flaunting his $2.8M baseball card before MLB's lowest income fan base, in the midst of what is looking more and more like a bona fide depression.


Gary said...

Bona fide Depression?

Only if we are lucky! It's pretty scary out there.
Who would have thought all those stories from Grandma and Grandpa about their childhood in the depression we'd have the chance to live them ourselves?

Matt said...

It's pretty scary out there.

I agree, and more importantly think it's gonna get quite a bit worse. It's already the sharpest (not deepest) contraction in my lifetime. We're very spoiled, culturally, and the only thing I can compare it to is the gas rationing during the '70s, when people got pretty uptight about getting their share of "essentials".

I think this will be worse than that. Measurably worse. I just dont know by how much.

Thx for the visit

Russell said...

Great-so every time someone like me spends a couple of million people are going to complain?

Matt said...

Complaining's the least of it.

That's not sour cream on your baked potato.