20 March 2009

Anti-Dback Sentiment Reaches New Heights

Change is gonna come. We recently protested rising costs hidden within the Diamondbacks' 10 pack. About the injustice of it all. No action came from our heroic front office, the self-described most responsive in baseball. But someone responded.

Someone with a can. A can of whup-that-red-ass. We spotted this fresh editorial near 7th St and Missouri today. Is that teal graffitti? Original Diamondback teal? Covering up Chris Young's off color tunic? Better late than never, I say.

Difficult to discern from the picture, but this board is pretty high up, beyond and above the commercial building in foreground. It's hardly news locals despise new management, but now we can say at least one youngster in town has taken it to the next level.

Song of the Day - Signs (Five Man Electrical Band)


Russell said...

What does the graffiti actually say? And why do you assume that it was written by a youngster? Old people can be vandals too.

Matt said...

Not sure, but the letters look like L.D.T.D.R.

Lousy Diamondback Traitors - Dump Red!

...something like that :-)

PAUL said...

Maybe we should graffiti Newman, although anything we did to him would be an improvement. Here's Newman logic: Doris Kearns Goodwin, listed under book authors on the Blogosphere site, last posting in late 2007; Jack Klugman, listed under book authors on the Blogosphere site, last posting in 2005. Paul Lebowitz, eliminated completely; blog still semi-active for promotional purposes. We can spray paint S.C.U.M.B.A.G. on him as he prepares for his morning mince around the block as he's dressed like a fairy in his running attire.

Russell said...

Let Diamondhacks Take Derrick Rollerblading.

Jeff said...

Golden. I love it. Who ever said Arizona fans were softies? Don't like somethin'? Tag the shit out of it. Bring it on. Great.

By the way, there is no option on the poll for "who in the world is James Skelton and why should I care?"

Can you amend that? Otherwise, I feel my view is not being represented.

Matt said...


My oversight. I cant edit the poll once voting commences (the Jimmy Carter Ctr would have a fit), but your voice will be heard in the final tally.


It's a date! I'll have my people get with Derrick's people. Wait. He has no people.


Get help

PAUL said...

You mean mental help or help in my scheming?

Matt said...

...er...um...wull...um...How 'bout dem Mets?!

PS - I guess we're both nuts, Paul. I was just nuts a year before you :-)