15 March 2009

Worst Baseball Blog Names

Decided to start a fictitious log of worst baseball blog names. Feel free to add your own.

Assorted Ramblings

A Fan Speaks Out

Schilling Flat Out Belongs In the Hall

Astro Thoughts

Play Ball!

Nationals Recap

Random Musings

Bringin' Da Sox 24/7

Stats Here

Brad Callahan: First Year Law Student's Baseball Arguments

Marlin Blog



Yankee Pride

My Fantasy League

The Wright Stuff

I Like Baseball and Have Tits

Fenway Fan For Life
[Ed. 3/17/09]


Fantasy Trades I Rejected (2004-present)

Let's Play Two

Barry Bloom: Inside Bud's Colon

Dodger Blue

Thirtysomething Foul Ball Hawk!

Pujols Rocks

Dback Ticket Policy

Blue Jay Way

Met Jew


PAUL said...

You should add "anything written or relentlessly promoted by Mark Newman".
The Tits one can stay.

Matt said...

This list wasnt originally intended to bash mlblogs, but it's eerie how the faux titles evoke the ...ahem...quality of Newman's stable.

...a few exceptions, of course.

Jeff said...

I agree. Tits is a keeper.

Glad you liked that pic of Stoney I got off the interwebs (hehehe). I think the worst one is "My Fantasy League" or anything to do with fantasy leagues at all. I play in fantasy leagues, but the last thing I want to do is read about some other loser (like myself) and his/her fantasy team and how shitty Brad Hawpe hits with men in scoring position.

Can I get an "AMEN"?

Matt said...

Before I say "Amen", what do you think about a dude in my 6x4 keeper league who wants to deal Swisher and Cueto for Cano and...

... oh, never mind.

Jeff said...