21 July 2009

Man On The Boon

As front office credibility dwindles, leave it to MLB stooges to spin damage control fluff about the Diamondbacks' core of the future and to prop up Ken Kendrick as some financially responsible franchise savior.

This "financially responsible" Dream Team has been mostly responsible for refinancing (and to be fair, salvaging) their personal investments and for disenchanting the fastest growing major city in North America. Doesnt make them bad people - but it doesnt make them civic minded altruists or praiseworthy franchise stewards either.

Mr Kendrick asserted ownership control and has continued to increase his share at every opportunity, because team value is generally increasing and whether he reports it or not, he's realizing a return - even when (and some might argue, because) the team loses on the field. Colangelo's teams won, but franchise value was relatively flat because of the debt. Different priorities, different dreams, different results.

Ken Kendrick:
"If somebody had told me before the season we'd have lost Webb and Jackson, I'd have told them we'd be lucky to finish .500"


If someone had told me Dan Haren would hurl like Zeus, Justin Upton and Mark Reynolds would morph into All Stars, Doug Davis and Max Scherzer would sport ERA's in the threes and Jon Garland's park adjusted ERA would hover near league average, I'd have told them no injuries could possibly explain being fourteen games under .5oo.

The fact is, a bunch of good, unexpected things have happened - rendering the front office meme that this year's model is "snakebit" as lame excuse-ism. Worse, it reveals an entrenched reluctance to accept responsibility for their own selfish priorities. Their own small dreams. Their own mediocre results.

In related news, we landed on the moon forty years ago. Or not. You decide.

Phoenix had its own Man on the Moon a decade or so ago.


chipotle said...

banned at azsnakepit?

Diamondhacks said...

Not that I know of. I've just grown disillusioned with the tone, site moderation, etc.