24 August 2009

Back To The Future

Last week was Jersey Boy's 15th birthday, so I moseyed over to Marshall's with my $20 bill, and bought a couple red team shirts emblazoned with his local pro sports heroes. This latter day Marshall plan was interrupted, however, by something intriguing in the mens' department - an unfamiliar, dare I say "fresh", assortment of purple Diamondbacks apparel.

What's up with that? Sure, the discounter derives inventory from other stores, explaining some time lag, and due to existing vendor contracts, perhaps sporadic purple got produced shortly after the Dbacks' September 2006 bombshell. But didn't the Dream Team famously discard franchise colors three years ago?

Thanks to my wife, I'm scarily familiar with "vintage" Dback clothing, but these designs looked different. One featured a 1960's era starburst vaguely reminscent of the Jetsons and font like some LA Dodger signage. It begs the question whether this is really old stuff that never sold, or newer product intended to exploit the 'retro' market. Not brand new, necessarily, just designs authorized sometime after autumn 2006.

Given my wife (hardly a crazed Colangelo deadender, like me) scooped up a pair of the white and purple tees (simply thinking they were appealing and new), it's hard for me to imagine this "limited" inventory languishing on Marshall's racks for a year or two.

Did the lawyers who disingenuously trashed the valley's only championship sports brand in 2006, subsequently authorize - and profit from - production of that very brand? I wouldnt be surprised. Who else profits from ticket sales, then brokers secondary sales of the exact same, unused tickets for additional profit? MLB.

Who would cheerfully bury a championship brand in order to turn a short profit from a second identity, then resell the original brand on the side, after even the most malleable fans reject your vision? Look no further than the most "fan friendly" front office in baseball.

In related news, Luis Gonzalez will be displayed Saturday, ostensibly to be "honored", like a bust of Lincoln at a Sarah Palin pep rally. There will be chants, cheers, maybe tears, but not much honorable about it.

Not unless tickets to this opportunistic Back To The Future sequel are free.


PAUL said...

I was sitting in the bullpen in the waning days of my "career" when the conversation turned to The Jetstons. We discussed this and that and I said something to the tune of, "Yeah, but it got stupid at the end." One of my teammates looked at me for a long second at which point I said, "What? You don't think so?" He said, "I dunno. I didn't follow it as a series."

Diamondhacks said...

Ha - that's pretty good. I'm surprised it didnt find it's way into "Breaking Balls".

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