22 August 2009

Poor Second Half Fault of 'Purplish" Bundy

While Diamondback first half troubles were unequivocally due to purple-tongued organizational rogue Bob Melvin, blame for the club's second half spiral lies squarely on purplish first base coach Lo Bundy.

Bundy's inability to relay winning tactics advocated by transplendent skipper AJ Hinch, to players on the field, proved costly in an 8-20 June slide and more recent seven game skid:

  • During a June set against the Milwaukee Brewers, Hinch instructed the Spanish-speaking Bundy to tell Felipe Lopez to "take off" from first base and attempt to steal at least one bag in the series, but Bundy inadvertently advised Lopez to "take off" the series, which the second baseman promptly did.

  • Last week in Philadelphia, in the seventh inning of an embarrassing rout, a resolute Hinch admonished his staff to "Keep grinding", after which Bundy circulated the dugout, cheerfully inviting players - including toothy rookie Trent Oeltjen - to "keep smiling".

Sources confirm the pattern of errant instruction privately infuriated Hinch and General Manager Josh Byrnes, who pride themselves on communication skills so powerful, listeners often laugh and cry when they speak. Rumor has it, Hinch sometimes calls Bundy "my goddam purple genius" under his breath, an apparent slight tied to Bundy's tenure as bench coach of the hapless 2004 squad. And GM Byrnes was recently overheard - by late night cleaning staff - bellowing Bundy's blunders cost his club "at least ten flippin' games...robbing AJ of his rightful legacy" as the game's most promising ".500-ish" skipper.

At presstime, Bundy remains with the club - in Houston - however reports abound that former Dback great Luis Gonzalez may replace Bundy any day now, in the first base coaches box.


Russell said...

Well said. I have found Bundy's advocacy of the organization to be very poor. A much loved former player is always the best option at times like this.

Diamondhacks said...

I am delighted with this comment and have, therefore, approved it for publication in this community forum.

Russell said...

As always your munificence is both humbling and wise. I remain forever in your debt that you have allowed me the great kindness of posting in your community.

Peace be upon you.

Diamondhacks said...

I see your hometown, Russellville made The New York Times.


PAUL said...

It sounds worse than the Mets over there.