09 August 2009

Balester, Martin, Mock

When Hinch harangues his
Organization hit the rock
The Nationals advocate:
Balester, Martin and Mock

When CY's in the john
thanks to a sticky lock
The National response?
Keys Balester, Martin, Mock

When the nine is torn and tattered
and dons the losers' frock
The gnats that gnawed the underthings?
Balester, Martin, Mock

When Jay Howell's men are tied
In need of a pretty knock
The ladies room door is shut
By Balester, Martin, Mock


PAUL said...

Uh, when I sent that Email I meant greenies, not mushrooms.

Diamondhacks said...

In DC, Hinch took the collar
Prompting Diamondhacks to holler
"It was greenies you wrote,
Paul. No word of peyote.
I prefer my 'shrooms in marsala."

chipotle said...

on dbbp i saw what you said about Hinch and your a disgrace. AJ is a man's man and your a faggot

Russell said...

Ha! Well played chipotle. The ironic use of the word "faggot" is very clever. Unfortunately you use the word "your" incorrectly. It should be either "you are" or "you're" (for future reference).

Diamondhacks said...

Ahh... that explains why AJ and I arent at the same barbeques!

Diamondhacks said...

Heavens. Seems I've been BANNED at dbbp.org? Well, hoping to retain coveted "BROWSE" privileges, to ascertain how the Eric Byrnes extension hamstrung JB, cruelly blocked Rusty Ryal, etc.

Diamondhacks said...

McLennan's summary of his latest gag order is worth a special giggle. Immediately after squashing my speech (so I cant respond), he branded me 'intolerant' and a 'hypocrite of staggering proportions'. Old hat by now, but still hilarious, in a mainland China sort of way.

Jim McLennan said...

Sorry to deflate your paranoia with oh, facts. But I actually had nothing to do with revoking your membership. That was done entirely independently by the other admins and moderators, without any suggestion, comment, or communication with them from me. As I said, I was largely content to let you dig an ever-bigger hole for yourself.

Frankly, though, your contempt for both the forum and its members had been made abundantly clear. It's absolutely no loss.

Diamondhacks said...

Why, if it isnt Compulsive Bystander, come to wash his bloody hands ;-)


It's no loss on my end, being censored at your havens for thin-skinned dullards. I'll communicate freely here and elsewhere, and by freely, I dont mean without restriction, but just at places with reasonably administered ground rules for everyone to abide by.

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