22 September 2009

If a bat falls in a forest...

While Mark Reynolds ran rings around history with his forest of strikeouts, tonight's FSN gamecast branched off to a most curious question:
If Mark whiffs and no one hears it, does it make a sound?

In the fourth inning, Reynolds logged the all time seasonal strikeout record (205) and, amazingly, Daron Sutton and Mark Grace didnt utter a peep. They knew he did it, but not a word.

I understand the batter's K mark isnt as noteworthy as the seasonal home run record or the pitcher's strikeout mark, for that matter. I understand Mark's having a terrific season and doesnt want to be 'defined' by strikeouts. I understand this is a strikeout era and his record may be broken soon enough by someone else. I understand many of history's greatest hitters struck out a great deal, and an increasingly popular school of thought suggests K's are no worse than any other outs.

I even understand that Daron and Mark are company employees and not real journalists.

I get all that.

But regardless of how Reynolds wants to be defined or should be defined, this century old sport remains defined, at least in part, by numbers and records. It's the coin of the realm. The frame of reference - and Mark Reynolds just broke one of the frame joists.

Even if there arent real journalists in the booth, the pretense of honoring baseball - especially in Phoenix - lingers heavy in the air. We expect, and deserve, to hear the facts on the field, if not in the clubhouse or front office. This clowning production spends almost half an inning on Todd Walsh fake schmoozing Danny Zelisko for tickets to a fucking Poco concert, then decrees the All-Time seasonal strikeout record isnt worth a mention in real time?

Yesterday, we documented how Sutton steers attention to the game when things go the Dbacks way, and diverts attention when things turn sour. The Game, in its merciless spontaneity, represents Truth, and the organization has fled from that unpleasantry, in favor of overchoreographed, manipulative artiface.

Did you hear Mark Reynolds strike out? Didnt think so.

Never happened. Nothing to see here.

Poco tickets still available.


jamaal said...


Sutton spoke of the dubious distinction at some length, in the sixth inning, I recall.

Russell said...

I literally had no idea who "Poco" were, although according to their Wikipedia entry they seem to have undergone a number of shambolic line-up changes to no particular benefit.

It makes me wonder if Todd Walsh isn't actually a brilliant ironist, using the metaphor of a faded country-rock band to draw attention to the current D-Backs plight and, of course, his pleading for tickets is an hilarious satire on the lack of demand for the Diamondbacks themselves.

For those who understand him Todd Walsh speaks truth to power.

Diamondhacks said...

Jamaal, if a bat falls in a forest and Derrick Hall is around, then it makes a sound two innings later ;-)

I heard Daron's windy, defensive speech in the sixth, and actually agree with most of it, but still feel their rehearsed silence in the 4th manipulated fans, disrespected the sport and the broadcasting profession.

Russell, we gots a sheriff an' a Rusty, an' r hankerin' fer an Awl-Yer-Kin-Eat hoedown! Eee awww!