28 April 2010

Top 10 Reasons To Boycott Arizona Diamondbacks

10. Organizational Advocacy (Goldman Sachs-speak for faux enthusiasm)

9. If Brandon Webb can boycott, so can we!

8. Unrepentant lies about the lowest prices in baseball

7. Scoreboard larger than actual field of play

6. Petty erasure of original championship brand

5. Captain Unctuous

4. Manager a Stanford psychology major with zero coaching experience!!! No, really

3. They stink

2. Ken Kendrick's insidious behind the scenes role in squashing basic human rights???(or something remotely like that I'm apt to feel strongly about!!!)

1. Ohhh, that bullpen!!!


Russell said...

I am thouroughly supporting the boycott in the hope that hotel prices will plummet for when I visit Phoenix.

Does that make me a shallow person?

Diamondhacks said...

Tell me about it. I'm eyeing a staycation @ the Phoenician for chump change.

Los Dbacks Por La Causa!!!

Anonymous said...

"Many protestors cited those contributions, saying Kendrick was giving directly to the candidates who passed the law. However, initial research by The Republic did not find anyone in the Kendrick family who donated directly to the campaigns of current Republican state legislators who voted for SB1070.

Diamondhacks said...

Thanks, anon. I saw that the other day.

My political contribution websites dont break out funding at the state rep campaign level, so I wonder if that's The Republic's "problem" as well?

In addition to the Kendricks' direct, enumerated support for national Repubs like Mitch McConnell and US congressman like Franks, Kyl, McCain, they also liberally underwrite the "Arizona Republican Party". It's unclear where all that money is funneled exactly, but since the natl candidates are broken out individually, I'm guessing it might be for state candidates.