20 July 2010

It's Official (again): Melvin A Winner!

Results of our just closed poll, inquiring whose image has benefited most from Kendrick & Hall's mounting malfeasance?

1. Bob Melvin 62%

2(t) Jeff Moorad 37%

2(t) Jerry Colangelo 37%

4. Bryan Price 8%

5. AJ Hinch 0%

(poll percentages total more than 100, due to the absence of statistical principles)


I'm a little surprised no one took the bait, voting AJ, seeing how the team's reeling even moreso after his absence. ( Maybe readers know something I dont)

as always, thanks for voting!!!

New Poll now open (at right) >>>>

I'm fascinated by who trudges out to the ballpark these days. Just 18,253 yesterday (paid, not actual); the smallest number ever to buy tickets to see the Mets here - and fewer still who actually showed up.

Expect some bump tonight, however, from the Cullen Maxey bobbleheads.


Russell said...

Had to vote Mormon in the poll (maybe add Joseph Smith to the Legends Race?).

Gary said...

I voted for air conditioning. I have weekend season tickets, so I still plan on going and that will be my story: free air conditioning.

Diamondhacks said...

lol, Russell, a "legend" in more ways than one. I'm keen for a sponsor's Legends race, based on tv exposure. Let's start with Dr Michael Brown chasing after his wife and daughters with a surgical instrument.

Your story's safe with us. I hear Mark Reynolds provides complimentary air conditioning, if you're shopping around.

Thanks for voting, guys.