12 August 2010

Dback Tix Unreasonable, Says Scottish Authority

After defending MLB's most regressive ticket pricing model for half a decade, Sir Jim McLennan decided, on Thursday apparently, that Arizona Diamondback tickets are too high.

"... the [price] gap has grown to the point that it has often been cheaper to buy a season ticket holder's unwanted seats on the secondary market, rather than from the ticket-office.
I'd also like to see dropping of single-game prices."

A glacial reckoning, considering these price gaps grew most between 2005-2007 - and were actually larger three years ago in many areas of Chase Field than they are today. What will intrepid Jim warn us of tomorrow? Leasing office space in the World Trade Center?

But all's well that ends well, I suppose, and it appears our 'pit boss recognizes and is even ready to tackle "the attendance problem", co-opting several suggestions he spent years dismissing when voiced by "undesirables":
I'd like to see the team get a bit more creative with regard to enticing fans back to the ballpark... I would love a deal with the light rail, whereby a Diamondbacks ticket is also valid for a ride to/from the park... I'd also like to see dropping of single-game prices....There's nothing like a full stadium.... hopefully it's something which we will see more of in the future.

Sound familiar? What happened to pronouncements it would take a generation, at least, before any FO could consistently draw more fans here? And how can one credibly complain about single game rates and fees and premium pricing today, after consistently endorsing Derrick Hall's "lowest prices in baseball" mantra since 2007?


Russell said...

Yes, that was a tad of an about face wasn't it?

Diamondhacks said...

Yeah, he still spreads the jive that barely outdrawing Tampa is some sort of positive indicator... despite the fact we outdrew them by 10 million when we had a real owner.

I'm confident we can get Jim turned around on this issue by...errr...2015.