13 August 2010

Quote of the Day

From Dirty Gary over at dbbp.org:

The dbax are only "cheap" because of the significant discount they give on season tickets compared to the single-game price. The average single-game ticket at Chase isn't much cheaper than those at OAK or SFG. It's just that those Clubs don't offer near the discount on season tickets.

So the Diamondbacks can brag all they want about having the "cheapest" tickets, they're only cheap for those that can afford to buy a full season's worth. Otherwise, they're right in line with other markets that maintain much higher per capita/household/family incomes.

That's it in a nutshell - perhaps not "right in line" with Bay Area prices as much as they were a couple years ago, but this is what I've been frothing about ad nauseum since puberty. I should add I went to an April game in Oakland - for $2 a seat -and despite being a long time Phoenix resident, havent visited Chase Field this year.

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