03 September 2010

Poll: Dback Fans 'Disappointed', Trend Republican

Results are in from our latest poll. According to Diamondhacks readers, the 'typical' Dbacks fan is:

disappointed - 7

Republican - 3

Cullen Maxey - 1

fat 0

valued 0

undiscerning 0

Pretty self explanatory. The last place finish has left fans red faced, and we're a red state. Cullen Maxey, vice president of something or other, tallied one odd vote, for being representative of something or other. (We know this, because that was our vote.)

Of course, no one selected "valued", but the shutout of both "fat" and "undiscerning" came as something of a surprise, as anyone who has been to a game lately or frequented Dback message boards, can attest.

New Poll, right, about moving the franchise forward >>>>

Thanks for voting !

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