18 December 2010

Disgruntled Employee Punks Lipdub?

For years, locals have been mystified by what practical components could possibly comprise Derrick Hall's "Circle of Success". After all, there's been no objective success, on or off the field, to comprise, encircle or otherwise take credit for. As evidenced by rock bottom play and the lamest local ticket base ever.

Just last month, venerable diplomat Peter Gammons dissed the Dbacks' insular shangri-la, as seen all too clearly on this self-reverential lipdub,as "one of the worst franchises in baseball".

But thanks to what looks like a disgruntled employee (crashing the marketing department's song and dance at the 0:45 mark), we may finally have an answer to our circular question. Reading clockwise from the top, the no longer imaginary circle is comprised of:




Financial Fakery 


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