11 April 2011


With bread lines ebbing and early expectations exceeded between baseball's white lines, Derrick Hall's marketing juggernaut can already grab credit for two more yummy superlatives.

-- Lowest attended Saturday game in club history (20,719)

-- Lowest attended Sunday game (19,718)

That powerful but mysterious All Star attraction we've heard tell of must, somehow, be discouraging sales. Or Opening weekend. Or the Reds arent any good. Or the fact popular ASU alum Mike Leake started on Sunday.

The previous Saturday low (21,627) was last July against the Marlins. Nick Piecoro reported the Sunday draw and I havent bothered to check the previous mark yet. But Saturday's crowd approached a thousand fewer than the earlier trough, which provides a preliminary glimpse into season ticket force.

We can now be all but certain that the base of full package season ticket holders is considerably less than 2010, the previous nadir, and which represents an astonishing decline given the All Star Game carrot.

Partial packages, which convey a watered down form of ASG priority, are a separate story and harder to estimate. These are folded into an aggregate called FSEs(Full Season Equivalents). Most, if not all, partials include home opener access, and judging from that game's attendance compared to last year, FSEs may be relatively flat, although I still suspect they're down a fair amount, since this year's opener fortuitously fell on a Friday night. 

But full packages are decimated.  We know that from Saturday and Sunday, when those partial pack holders, who went to the Opener, start to distribute attendance more in line with their customized ticket plans.  Full packages already hit a new low in 2010 and have clearly dropped further.

We previously noted the club raised prices on season ticket holders in all but the most lavish locations. Eleven of the venue's sixteen pricepoints increased. Small hikes on a per game basis, but the damage for a bleacher bum and a guest (who buys one season ticket?), or a couple in the upper tier, across the full schedule, rose $332.

You wont hear about it on FSN or in The Republic, but as paltry crowds become more and more evident, and assorted jackwagons throw in their two cents anywhere but at the Chase Field box office, it's something to keep in mind.


Gary said...

I am a 28 game partial season ticket holder. Last season, we were dangled the carrot of the ASG in order to renew, BUT were told that we would most likely not qualify early on, you know, only the crumbs. Then, a couple of months ago, I got emails stating I was eligible to buy ASG tickets the moment they went on sale to all season ticket holders. that told me right there what a huge drop off in tickets they experienced.
Yes, I bought tickets for myself, my buddy, and his dad. We all thought it was a once in a life time event and worth the money to see.

Diamondhacks said...

Good info, thx. Could you elaborate on 'crumbs'? Did they guarantee you a lousy location, no guarantee at all, or only for some events?

Enjoy the game.

Gary said...

Only for some events, most likely we would not be eligible for the game itself. It doesn't seem to be selling well at all locally too. I thought for sure once it opened to the public, it would sell out in the local market fast, but the last game I went too, they were still hawking tickets to the ASG.