20 April 2011

Poll Result: UN Declares Dbacks 'Unsustainable'

We asked, "What did the United Nations recently declare the Dbacks?" and rapier-like readers weighed in:

  1. Unsustainable 40%
  2. A humanitarian crisis 30%
  3. The Most Positive Team in the World 30% 

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herrbrush2007 said...

Oh, my - an abusable link!

(Fear not. These are not the trolls you are looking for.)

Re The U.N. award...and the supposedly "Most Fan Friendly Ballpark In America":

Is this real life?
Is this just fantasy?

Starting to smell some sort of Kendrick/Hall diversionary tactic on a scale that staggers the imagination.

I recently (After the 4/15 SF/AZ tilt) came to the decision to boycott the Chase Library, as the dynamic there - and the one between my ears - are in direct conflict. This isn't new, but my decision to walk away from local live baseball is.

A woman three rows down told me my "screaming" was "ruining the ballpark experience".

Submitted for your consideration...

The Chase Library "ballpark experience" is the sorriest I've seen or heard, either live or by electronic means. I admit my bias for particular laundry but that's not the sticking point for me. The majority who attend are pliant, docile, obedient, bland. Not my crowd, and I don't go to a game just to sit and watch.

I can do that right here, and not have to dress out to do so.

Anonymous said...