12 May 2008

Take My DVDs.... (please)

Sometime after the fall, and well before useful details of Sut's Hut are aired - specific and asexual instructions on how to win the 2001 World Series Collector's Edition DVD are now thankfully available. Well, almost now.

First, some partial reviews from esteemed team bloggers:

All told, an amazing blast of nostalgia....Really, if you are a fan of the Diamondbacks, you must have this, even if you have to sell a child or an unwanted minor organ [kidneys - they're vastly over-rated...]

-- Jim, Arizona Snakepit

The games are edited to bring you the best shots…and no commercial breaks!...Each of the seven games comes on its own DVD, in its own jewel case with a liner that provides the box score, an inning-by-inning summary and tidbits that will satisfy any trivia buff. The set comes in a box that easy to store; It’s 18 hours and 49 minutes of material that lists for only $69.95. (HINT: The Amazon.com price is only $52.49).

Even though the set emphasizes the Arizona Diamondbacks, it’s a great addition to the libraries of Yankees fans and anyone else who enjoys great baseball. --Kellia, Down The Left Field Line

It’s a good set to have. I wouldnt pay $70 for it. Twenty tops. --Matt, Diamondhacks

So, how do I give this thing away, after MLBAM demonstrated the boxed sets are as easy to distribute as Stonehenge lintels. I'm chastened that not even sex can sell 'em, which proved a blow to my ego - if to nothing else.

Here's the new guidelines:

  • You need to be somewhat of a Diamondbacks fan, and cannot be a terrorist, or provide succor to terrorists. (I will be the final arbiter of these distinctions.)

  • Winner may be required to provide verifiable residential shipping address.

  • If you live in a country without, like, states, I may also ask you to chip in for shipping, which in any case will be interminable.

  • This is how it works.

  • First one to express an interest gets it.


Tracy said...

Well, uh, heck. You can't get rid of it? Does this temporarily expatriated Diamondbacks fan qualify or does my amateur blog status deem me ineligible? I mean, now that the sexual requirement has been waived, I'm brave enough to ask.

Russell said...

18 hours and 49 minutes!!! I can barely sit though an hour of CSI without losing the will to live.

People be warned; this posting has all the hallmarks of some internet scam; "Congratulations I am a high ranking blogger in the USA and due to the financial situation in the country at the moment I have been authorised by the Government to give away this DVD set.You have been chosen as the lucky winner, please send me your personal details as soon as possible".

Well I've been caught out by those scams a few times in the past but as I always say; fool me 6 times shame on you,fool me 7 times shame on me.

Maht said...

I make her USA winner! Please, no more phone calls, emails, texts. She is Blonde Champion of DVDs!

Congratulations, Tacy!!! You have won that favourite package without my obtain for sex. A "win-win" for lovely American Lady. Did I mention, "Free"?

Pay no attendance to this Russell. All Maht need is name, ship for address and soc sec #.

Welcome one more time
Maht - azdiamondhacks@yahoo.com

Jeff said...

What? I arrived too late to the dance? Damn. I thought being a pompous jerkazoid would get me something, but not even that is worth what it used to be.

Maht, please stop spamming my email. I know, I know, you want to help me secure 60 million dollars... great, but could you just pick up the phone for a change?

Glynnjamin said...

You're gonna give it to a non-fan? That is such crap. Maybe I should start checking my RSS feeds over the weekend.

Matt said...

You're gonna give it to a non-fan?

Um...no. Might wanna look up expatriated :-)

this is Matt, not Maht. pls email your preferred ship to address to azdiamondhacks@yahoo.com and I'll get that out to you. Just kidding about the SSN :-)

ByrnesBlogger1 said...

"18 hours and 49 minutes!!! I can barely sit though an hour of CSI without losing the will to live."

Yeah, but Russell, no one on CSI can pitch like Curt Schill did in this series!

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