09 May 2008

This Week's Hacks

Since no one's communicated an interest in trading sex for the 2001 World Series Collector's Edition (hey, that's a $70 value!), I'm resigned to writing a good faith review and shipping the DVD septet to one of you chaste holdouts any day now.

Despite the fact Doug Davis's thyroid is being monitored for malignancies, doctor's have declared him cancer free. The great news is the cancer hasnt spread, but that doesnt sound exactly cancer "free" to me. Sounds more like MLBlogs: kinda free, hasnt spread.

The Sedona Reds still rank 13th in NL attendance, even after Met and Philly minions invaded Chase. Worse than it sounds, considering Pittsburgh and Cincinnati are dying markets and the bargain basement Marlins play in a sweltering football stadium. Number 1 in power rankings and, at least among reasonably competitive league markets, dead last in league attendance. Skeptics who feel fledgling Phoenix cant be reasonably competitive with attendance mainstays like the Mets and Cubs, should recall that during Colangelo's seven year run (1998-2004), Arizona outdrew the Cubs five times and the Mets every single year.

Despite questionable first inning defense Thursday, it's fun to watch what Webby can do with well above average run support. But he's the same old Brandon.

After today's loss at Wrigley, our AZstros are 3-5 in May, placing their month to month winning streak, currently at seven, in early jeopardy.

I loved Speed Racer as a boy, but have no desire to see the movie. I learned my lesson from Batman. Blech. I did recently learn, however, that the original Speed, with his scarf and pompadour, was modeled after this guy. Who knew?


Jeff said...

Really, Matt? You didn't enjoy the first Batman? I was a big fan and look forward to the new one. If you look close in the last Batman movie (with Christian Bale), you can see me lying down in a drunken stupor on Lower Wacker Drive. I didn't realize they were shooting a movie and really, I didn't care.

Anyway, I will not trade sex with you for the DVDs, though I must say I am surprised no one has taken you up on your offer. I mean, you held a bat to Derrick's head!

PAUL said...

Paul DePodesta has a blog----http://itmightbedangerous.blogspot.com/2008/05/its-time.html---- must....resist.....temptation....devil....on ....shoulder.....need help....

Matt said...

I cant recall a movie that made me as sad and angry as Batman did 20 years ago. Sad because it was one of the first big budget blockbusters to glorify a cynical cruelty with what even I admit were dazzling special effects. Angry for the way this bankrupt "story" was marketed to preteens.

Hollywood has been churning out profitable, derivative crap ever since and that's a big reason I hate it even more. It's changed how a generation, your generation, defines entertainment. Special effects are great, and I dont mind violence, per se, (I loved RoboCop for example), but I guess I'm particular (peculiar maybe) as to how films meld humor and violence and character - and Batman was not my cup of tea.


thx for the link. It's been three days and DePodesta hasnt published one worthwhile insight yet. How long should we give him? ;-)

PAUL said...

Don't fret. Rob Neyer clips valuable links in his blog. Valuable is in the eye of the beholder depending on what they plan to do with it. And I have my plans.
"Mooohoooohahahahahha!!" he said as he rubbed his hands together evilly.

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