12 August 2009

At The B Game

Today's event at Chase Field was more exhibition than major league contest, which is fine. The organization made clear well beforehand, winning isnt a priority, and it's not like they duped me into prepaid season tickets. Indeed, thanks to a Frys Food coupon program, we got in free - and it was more or less worth it.

Our first clue it wasnt a serious game was the lineups. Aside from Mark Reynolds, the home batting order looked more like the AFL:


At least the Mets had the integrity to start a better three hole hitter than Ryan Roberts. Typically when they roll into town, there's a charge in the air, but not today. Both fan bases are understandably embarrassed by their respective nines, so much of the day was spent commiserating.

The announced crowd of 22.3k was much less at opening pitch. First pitch photos didnt download properly, but here's a shot during the Dbacks ninth inning rally. ( Click and enlarge to feel the excitement.)

We found most people hanging out here instead:

This signwaver is fom Chihuahua, Mexico, a hotbed for baseball. Look at how empty her section is. It got me thinking what a poor job the organization has done attracting Mexican and Latin fans to Chase Field.

This screenshot is from the centerfield scoreboard. Seems a flamboyant French artiste "wrapped" the Chrysler building in Fernando Tatis' Mets uni. Stunning likeness.

Here's Hinch, trying to look tough. Notice blue's posture. For whatever reason, you can tell umps dont respect AJ much. He was ejected later in the game.

Here's a Mets fan. Most Mets fans her age seem to be either Italians (in Piazza jerseys) or Jews. I dont think she was either. She was just an old white lady who was really loud.

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