13 August 2009


Our beloved Dback'les have won just four sets all year against teams currently over .500 - in an excruciating 21 tries. Despite managing less than a third as many games as his determined understudy - and getting fired for his trouble - skipper non grata Melvin quietly put two (or half) of those series wins in the books:

April 20-22 v Colorado (2w, 1L) - Bob Melvin

......... 27-29 v Chi Cubs (2w, 1L) - Bob Melvin

May 19-21 @ Florida (3w, 1L) - AJ Hinch

June - -----------

July 3-5 @ Colorado (2w, 1L) - AJ Hinch

August - --------------

If Hinch "manages" to Beat LA this weekend, it would mark his third series win in fourteen tries, versus clubs with winning records. Recent front office expectations suggest that rate of success entitles Mr Hinch to something beyond his curious and abruptly bestowed title.

Pardon the objectivity, but I was thinking a pink slip. Of course, that'll never happen in the land of SedonaRed. A land where all is fair, except the way people are treated.


Caroline said...

AJ should plead insanity. Who else would use Jon Garland as a pinch-hitter?
But Byrnes put his trust in him and if he goes, Byrnes probably goes too.
Not that that would be all too terrible or anything like that...

Diamondhacks said...

If they havent fired AJ yet, they probably never will. When the team wins, he'll be propped up as JB's brilliant organizational savior. When the team loses, it will be somebody else's fault.

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